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puppy grooming!

it is so important to bring grooming into your puppys routine as soon as possible, introduce the bathing, combs, brushes, hairdryers, nail clippers and whatever else you plan on doing during the grooming session depending on the breed, the most important tool is patience, patience, patience! work with your pet talk to them and make them feel safe. As a dog groomer i see many dogs come in uneasey and scared and don't want to be left, or to groomed, buts its my job to make everything as easy on them as possible, some dogs bounce in happy as larry through the doors, many just tolerate it but many really don't want to here, but we do take great pride in working with your pet and having the patience to deal with there individual needs but start early as it determines how they see grooming throughout there little furry lives :) And remember puppies are for life not just for xmas xxxxxx

puppy grooming

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